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Step-by-Step Forming & Funding Your Nonprofit Social Impact Course Enrollment


You have something of value the world needs now

Have you ever felt stuck? Perhaps you have harbored a burning passion in your heart for years that you've been afraid to step out on. It may feel easier not to take the risk of stepping out or even to stay in an unfulfilling job. You may have even heard numerous times that your passion or hobby is not realistic because it would never become a lucrative career and more importantly, you could never sustain a living doing it. The truth is, you will never feel fulfilled or have a lucrative career until you step out and do what you were created to do and operate in your gift to impact the world! Start today! Also, sign up for our step-by-step forming a nonprofit course above.
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The Passion Into Purpose Course Will Teach You To...

  • Gain Clarity

    Passion into Purpose helps you pinpoint the passion that has always been in your heart which leads to an impactful purpose. It also helps you create an ambitious vision statement. Also, learn the importance of clearly crafting and conveying your brand!

  • Overcome Limiting Beliefs

    Learn how to overcome past rejection and mindsets that have held you back from creating the career and life you are passionate about and deserve! Gain expertise from the stories of other entrepreneurs who stepped out and are making an impact through their purpose!

  • Build Your Empire

    Within 3 short weeks, go from identifying your passion and crafting a vision statement to constructing a business plan, networking to form partnerships, and implementing a business you are passionate about while making an impact!



Dawn Epting, Founder,

Dawn Epting is a visionary Author, Speaker, and Business Coach who focuses on assisting individuals with overcoming limiting beliefs and understanding their identity in order to unleash the greatness within! Dawn delivers inspirational speeches that encompass identity, overcoming limiting beliefs, rising above rejection, vision, grace, and business. Dawn is the Founder and CEO of the Nonprofit Development Center (NPDC) located in downtown Chicago, Illinois which offers Business Coaching and assists tax-exempt and social impact organizations through business advising, business registrations, seminars, networking opportunities, and a business incubator. The NPDC is the host of Chicago's first Nonprofit Business Expo. Ms. Epting also founded the nonprofit organization Christian Suicide Prevention (CSP), the nation's first faith-based crisis hotline that has assisted thousands of callers and people by email from all over the nation and Canada for nearly 10 years. Dawn obtained a Master's Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE) and a Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Maryland, University College while serving in the U.S. Air Force in Ramstein, Germany as a Budget Analyst where she managed budgets of approximately $30 million at one time. She is the author of the book Fulfilling Your Purpose: The Key to a Victorious Life and 365 Days of Grace both available on Amazon!

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  • Free Kickoff Call with Dawn

    $100 value

    This 30 minute kickoff call will connect you directly with Dawn during the launch of the pilot course!

  • Group Coaching Calls

    Group Coaching Calls each week for LIVE answers to your questions after the launch of the pilot program.

  • Private Online Community & Passion Assessment Tool

    Support in our new private group of fellow visionaries and a tool to help pinpoint your passion! At the conclusion of the course you will also receive a certificate of completion.

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The world is waiting on you because you have a unique gift and talent that only you can offer! Life is too short to spend one more day not operating in your passion and more importantly, in the purpose for which you were created!


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